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Sony VAIO M Netbook Available in UK

Posted on March 4, 2010

Although many people love Sony’s VAIO laptops , the price can be a bit of a turn off, which is probably the reason why Sony comes up with a lower-end netbook under the VAIO name.

The Sony VAIO M has a 10.1-inch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, Atom N450 2.66GHz CPU, 250GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, Windows 7 Starter, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

SonyInsider.com wrote that the VAIO M could replace Sony’s other netbook, the more expensive VAIO W, but we will take that info with a grain of salt.  The Sony VAIO M is now available in United Kingdom for £299 (about US$450).

Source:  CrunchGear




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