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VTech Flip E-Book Reader

Posted on February 19, 2010

VTech Flip E-book Reader

Why should adults have all the fun?  VTech, one of the leading manufacturers of educational electronic devices , introduces the Flip educational e-book reader for preschoolers.

Although the Flip looks like your usual e-book reader, with a 4.3-inch color touch screen and keyboard at the bottom of the screen, this device features a see-through flip cover.  The books, which consists of kids’ favorite franchises like Shrek and Toy Story as well as other classic children’s books, are loaded through cartridges.  Each story is packed with interactivity, with instructional games and built-in dictionary, which motivates children into reading books when they grow up.

The VTech Flip will be available beginning Fall 2010 for US$59.99.

Source:  Gizmodo




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