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Ryobi Tek4 Audio Plus Headphones

Posted on February 19, 2010

The Ryobi TEK4 Audio Plus is one heavy duty pair of headphones. It is actually designed for use in rugged environments such as construction sites and other places where ordinary headphones just won’t work as well. Its features are quite unique in that it combines both quality audio output as well as noise suppression technology to clear out unwanted sounds to protect hearing.

The Ryobi Tek4 Audio Plus is equipped with electronic noise suppression features that suppresses harmful impulse and background noise that may affect hearing, especially those at noisy job sites as well as at home. It is also equipped with communication enhancement technology that allows users to hear close range conversation clearly while wearing the device. It is also compatible for use with iPods and other mp3 players. Its rugged and weather resistant design makes it able to withstand tough conditions that other headphones may not be able to do. The Ryobi Tek4 Audio Plus noise suppression headphones are available at Home Depot for US$70.

Image Source: Ryobi Tools




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