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Mr Jones Cyclops Special Edition Black

If you own a Mr. Jones watch, you are considered special.  For one, it only comes in limited quantities, although the price is not as exuberant , and they look really modern and fashionable.

Its latest offering is the limited-edition Cyclops Special Edition Black.  Originally with a white face and multicolored dial, the black edition features a black face and a red circle for the hour hand.  How do you tell the minutes?  Good question, because you have to check how the hour hand is placed between the two white dots to distinguish the minutes, as illustrated below.

Mr Jones Cyclops Special Edition Black
If your lifestyle does not require you to tell time by exactly “12:45:57 pm” and simply by “Oh, I think it’s between 12:30 to 1:00 pm,” then the Mr. Jones Cyclops Special Edition Black is your ideal wristwatch.  It is available online for only US$184 .

Source:  CrunchGear



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