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Germ Guardian EV9102RD UV-C Room Air Sanitizer

Posted on February 12, 2010

Having a clean home also means maintaining a clean air to breath. But city pollution can sometimes affect the air quality in homes considerably. That is why many households have now invested in room air sanitizers to keep air quality around the home as clean as possible from the many pollutants.

Room air sanitizers have quite improved through the years. There are now those models like the Germ Guardian EV9102RD UV-C Room Air Sanitizer that is capable of killing harmful bacteria in the air. It makes use of ultraviolet light in order to kill almost 99 percent of airborne bacteria. A powerful fan draws the air into the device and then passes through UV rays to kill any bacteria it might contain. Another fan then returns the clean air into circulation around the room. The Germ Guardian EV9102RD UV-C Room Air Sanitizer can process and clean about 1380 cubic feet of air per hour. It is available at Germ Guardian for around US$50.

Image Source: Germ Guardian




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