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Sling Media Slingbox Pro

Posted on February 2, 2010

Sling Media Slingbox Pro

This is the Sling Media Slingbox Pro. It wants you to stay in your seat and watch TV the whole day. Marry it with the likes of LG’s SL-90 HDTV and you really won’t give a damn if somebody handcuffs you to your seat and throws away the key.

Whether you’re in the comfort of your home or at your hotel room, or anytime you’re with your laptop or mobile phone for that matter, this sleek little bugger from Sling Media is hellbent on making you a couch potato as it gives you the freedom to watch and control, in HD (when available), up to four video sources.

Looking at the business end of this TV Tuner gives you the option for SVIDEO, HD component, coax and composite connectivity among many others. With support for both Windows and Mac, you can enjoy free your TV using the the built-in digital TV tuner (Freeview), watch satellite or cable TV, record videos with the digital video recorder (DVR) or simply play your favorite DVDs with the DVD player.

At £164.35 and free shipping, it’s pretty hard to refuse.

Source:  Wired




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