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Solar Crank Radio

It is not easy to be green, as they say, but once you get to the habit of recycling or consciously choosing environment-friendly products, your quest for a better planet becomes significant.

Take this seemingly ordinary radio, for instance.  You may wonder why it has a crank at the side, but we will explain that later.  What makes this out-of-the-ordinary, however, is that this radio is powered by solar energy.  Simply turn the radio on and you are good to go.  No need to worry about depleting batteries or rising electricity bills.

Now what about the crank, you say?  It is used for emergency purposes.  Give the crank several turns rapidly and the radio becomes operational, even on situations when solar power goes low like during nighttime, hurricanes, or total solar eclipses (just in case).

This green solar crank radio, both literally and figuratively, is available at several online stores including Gone Green Products for only US$29.99.

Image source:  Gone Green Products




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