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Raytheon Turns iPhones into War Tools

Posted on December 21, 2009

One Force Tracker, military iphone app

An American defense contractor has introduced software for iPhone or iPod Touch that make them track enemies of war.  After all, we have to be prepared at all times in case war would unexpectedly erupt or rebellious organizations attempt to crush our government structures.

The One Force Tracker software by Raytheon makes use of the iPhone’s wildly popular touch-screen mobile handset, tracking down the locations of both your allies and enemies on maps in real time.  It has built in augmented reality and content-centric networking functions as well as protection against network disruptions or hacks.  This app, which was developed in accordance to military standards, also provides multimedia access, audio and textual points of interest, and free text messaging.

Aside from persons in the military, the manufacturer sees the One Force Tracker as applicable to law enforcers, medical personnel, firefighters, public safety officers, and emergency response workers.

Availability date has not yet been confirmed, but Raytheon has verified that it is also developing other military-esque applications for iPhone use in the coming months.

Image source:  Raytheon




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