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Zune HD Twitter Now Live, Reviews Below Satisfactory

Posted on December 17, 2009

Twitter app in Zune

A Twitter application has become available for Microsoft Zune HD, which can be downloaded through Marketplace.  However, early reviews do not seem to go to Twitter’s favor.

For one, Engadget noted that the app has stalled in several instances, even while just scrolling a list of tweets.  Refreshing data, according to them, caused instant anxiety, while pressing buttons went ignored, and its Wi-Fi connection dropped repeatedly.

The tech blog also posted that the Twitter app on Zune censors rated-R words automatically in the timeline, even though such words that rhyme with "suck" and "witch" appear unedited on the Twitter Web interface.  Whether you find it favorable for the kids or a restriction to free expression, it is all up to you.  We just hope all those glitches mentioned would be fixed in no time.

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