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Nook Shipping Date Moved to January 15

Posted on December 4, 2009

Nook Shipping Date Moved to January 15

Nook Shipping Date Moved to January 15

According to Barnes and Noble, the ship date for the Nook will be moved further to January 15, 4 days later than the original ship date.

Barnes and Noble’s website now shows an expected ship date of January 15th/ and it appears that said date would be the shipping date for new pre-orders and not for pre-existing ones.

Surely those expecting their units to arrive in time for the Holidays are hugely disappointed.

The Nook was reportedly supposed to be shipped on December 7, in some Barnes and Noble retail stores. Then the buzz came out that no Barnes and Noble store will have one on hand until after Christmas.

As of today, December 4, Barnes and Noble has confirmed that the Nook will not be available in stores on Monday, as they are "intent on fulfilling earlier preorders."

Source: Engadget




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