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Snoop GPS Voice on TomTom

Posted on December 2, 2009

Snoop's Voiceskins, GPS voice with Snoop Dogg

Wonder what your expensive TomTom has that the free Google Maps Navigation does not?  For one, you can set the robotic lady voice into a smooth-talking, herbally-appreciative rapper.

VoiceSkins, which previously delighted GPS owners with a turn-by-turn navigation voiced by animated character Homer Simpson, introduces Snoop’s VoiceSkins featuring Snoop Dogg, bringing a new hip-hop swagger to your TomTom GPS.  What used to be a boring "Keep left" becomes "Keep left ahead and you’ll be bonafide!"

Snoop Dogg is the first celebrity to lend his voice on a GPS navigator, which can ignite a trend for more celebrity voices instructing you where to turn.

It also includes extra bonus material such as "Points of Interest" where Snoop Dogg himself talks about places that are significant to him as well as his favorite hangouts within the Los Angeles area.  Other TomTom devices sounds like start up and shut down are also available for download.  Check the demo right over here.

The Snoop’s VoiceSkin is now available for download at VoiceSkins.com, costing only US$12.95.  (Link currently down, though.  Looks like it’s a seller.)

Image source:  VoiceSkins.com




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