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Intel Introduces 48-Core Processor

Posted on December 2, 2009

Intel 48-Core Processor

If you think eight-core processors are fast enough, think again.  Intel has revealed that it is working on an experimental 48-core processor that can offer up to 20 times the normal computing power.  The chip, affectionately called "single-chip cloud computer" (SCC), consumes as much power as current processors available in desktop computers, being able to operate on as little as 25 watts or 125 watts while on maximum performance.

However, don’t expect that the 48-core processor would be available anytime soon.  Over 100 of these chips are instead provided to select partners for hands-on research in developing new software applications, programming models, and even machines that would fully-utilize the SCC’s performance.  These SCC-enabled computers may even try to mimic human thinking, such as recognizing or understanding the physical world.

And because the 48-core processor is compatible with Intel’s x86 architecture, programmers and developers do not have to purchase new tools to keep up with its super power.  They would simply use the programming tools used for current processors.

It looks like we are in for more exciting time ahead.

Image source:  Intel




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