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Samsung HT-TZ512T Home Theater System

Posted on September 28, 2009

Samsung HT-TZ512T Home Theater System

The Samsung HT-TZ512T home theater system is composed of 5 speakers, a sub woofer, a DVD player, receiver and radio tuner. It is also capable of providing exceptional surround sound provided by two tallboy front speakers and two satellite speakers from the rear. Total power speaker output comes in at a cool 1200 watts, more than enough to provide you with great home theater audio experience.


The Samsung HT-TZ512T also provides exceptional video capabilities coming from its other added components. The DVD 5-disc multi-changer, receiver and player offer up conversion functions that allow you to view even your DVD movie titles with 1080p high definition quality. The system is also XM Radio ready as well as offers additional functions by having an iPod included in case you wish to play your favorite tunes using your Samsung HT-TZ512T system set-up. The system is available at Amazon for US$430.


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