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Philips HTS8100/37 SoundBar Home Theater System

Posted on September 28, 2009

Philips HTS8100/37 SoundBar Home Theater System

The Philips HTS8100/37 SoundBar home theater system offers full multi-channel surround sound that can be used for any room specifications. That is what makes this home theater system quite interesting. It features Ambisound, technology that enables the system to deliver multi-channel surround sound using fewer speakers. It allows better audio experience without the constraints of proper sitting position or room area.

Aside from quality audio experience, video quality is also enhanced with using the Philips HTS8100/37 SoundBar home theater system. The system is equipped with 1080p up conversion to provide users with crystal clear and sharper images. Even if the movie you are watching is in standard definition, the Philips HTS8100/37 can up scale it to better HDTV quality.

Another advantage that the Philips HTS8100/37 SoundBar system offers is space. Its sophisticated single unit design allows the system to fit ideally into any home theater set-up without using too much space. This home theater system is available at Amazon for US$299.


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