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LG Broadband HDTV Offers VUDU

Posted on September 25, 2009


LG is now trying to make its mark on the HDTV market by offering more than just their product. They are now adding other features in order to attract more customers. Their primary aim it seems is to make their HDTV’s an all-in-one entertainment system that also offers various movie entertainment service options.

Along this line, the LG line of Broadband HDTV’s are the first to offer the VUDU Streaming HD movie service as part of the product. This means that by getting LG’s LH50 and PS80 HDTV’s with the NetCast Entertainment Access feature, users also have the opportunity to enjoy VUDU’s more than 2000 HD movie catalog for free. There would be no monthly fees to pay since this service is a part of the package when getting an LG Broadband HDTV. Users do not even need to buy a separate hardware or set-top box to enjoy the service. Having an LG Broadband HDTV will do and that’s it.

Image Source: VUDU




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