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EB Reference MID

Posted on September 23, 2009

EB Reference Mobile Internet Device

Even though Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are not that popular, manufacturers are still creating new models (all with the help of Intel, of course) in hopes that they could finally attract a market that can already access the online world with their mobile phones.

EB, for instance, comes up with some "groundbreaking advancements" on its MID Reference design, which were produced with a collaboration with Intel and Ericsson.  Highlights of these improvements include an updated user interface (UI) and application framework that enables users to multitask and personalize the device; as well as inclusion of latest UI technologies like 3D, plasma desktop, and haptics, thus creating vivid and sophisticated appearances.

Its press release predicts that worldwide MID shipments are expected to exceed 90 million units by 2012.  Well, we are not sure about that.  Hooray for optimism, though.

Image source:  EB




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