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Beatles Songs Will Appear on iTunes

Posted on September 8, 2009

The songs of The Beatles will appear on iTunes

After a long and bitter legal battle between Steve Job’s Apple Computers and The Beatles’ Apple Corps Ltd, the two companies have settled their differences and the band’s back-catalog of rich songs (both in lyrical and profitable sense) will become available on iTunes.  News cropped up after Yoko Ono, partner of late Beatle John Lennon, revealed to Sky News about the Fab Four’s digital distribution.

But since the news would have preempted the actual launch, which is supposed to be unveiled during Apple Computer’s 09-09-09 event, the article was pulled out quickly and all that is left is a Google cache that only bears the first sentence.  For more details about this development, we will have to wait for the actual announcement, which is not necessarily on the Apple affair (as claimed by EMI, the record company that owns The Beatles’ catalog).




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