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IHat With Built-In Speakers

Posted on September 3, 2009

IHat With Built-In Speakers

Now that autumn has officially arrived, you can now sport your cooler weather gear with complete abandon.

Of course a complete fall regalia includes a totally cool head gear, that protects against the elements and looks cool at the same time. Well, what if such a head gear exists and has something more to offer?

Introducing the iHat, a brimless head gear that keeps your head snug. It looks just like any other plain bonnet used by most kids today,  so you won’t have to worry about looking uncool. But the best thing about the iHat is that it has built in speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere. Simply plug it in your iPod or MP3 player and you’re all set. It’s compatible with music players with a headphone socket.

The iHat comes in black and will be available at BB-Shopping.com for (£14.99) $25 come October.

Image source: BB-Shopping.com




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