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Verizon-Bound HTC Touch Diamond2 Gets Leaked

Posted on August 7, 2009

HTC Whitestone, also known as Verizon Diamond 2

An anonymous source spilled some secrets to WMExperts.com about HTC’s upcoming mobile phones, one of which was already picked up by Verizon.

If this photo and attached specs are credible enough, it appears that the HTC Whitestone (or Verizon Diamond 2, depending on your mood) comes with a dual-mode CDMA/ GSM that runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 in a Qualcomm 7600 processor with 512MB ROM and 256MB RAM.  On the surface, the mobile phone features a 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen with 5-megapixel camera that has anti-shaking functions.

HTC Mega

Aside from the Verizon Diamond 2, two other HTC cellphones were leaked to the tech blogs.  First we have the HTC Mega, which features a brand-new TouchFlo 2D technology and an array of low-range specifications such as a smaller, 2.8-inch QVGA display, a 3-megapixel fixed-focus camera.  But that does not mean the HTC Mega could not hold a candle against other HTC phones, as it runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 and is compatible with GSM, GPRS Edge, and HSDPA.

HTC Tachi

Another phone that will become available soon is the HTC Tachi, which is said to feature a 2.8-inch display with Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 512MB ROM, and 256MB RAM.  According to the photo, the HTC Tachi will be distributed by Dopod telecom in China.

Image source:  WMExperts.com




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