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Panasonic SC-PT750 DVD Home Theater System

Posted on July 16, 2009

Panasonic SC-PT750

If there’s a good DVD home theater system is worth noting, the Panasonic SC-PT750 is just one of them. Good DVD home theater systems offer excellent quality audio and a DVD player that offers video features that combines for one heck of a theatrical experience right at home. Any other inferior experience won’t be worthy enough to mention.

For a DVD home theater system, the Panasonic SC-PT750 looks like a complete package. It features a sound system that includes 2 front speakers, a center speaker, a subwoofer and a surround speaker. All in all, the speaker system offers a total RMS power output of 1000 watts. The Panasonic SC-PT750 also comes with a 5 DVD changer and player, wireless rear speaker and features an HDMI connection. It also comes with a Universal Dock for iPod that can be used for playback as well as recharging.

Image Source: Panasonic




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