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The newest line of Archos portable media players will be available in the United Kingdom in August 2009.  Its flagship model, the Archos 3 Vision, comes with a three-inch touch screen display, 8GB worth of storage, a microSDHC card slot, video playback, and a bunch of minor yet probably useful features for you from a voice recorder, stopwatch, FM transmitter, and a calendar. 

Archos positions the Vision PMP’s as a direct competitor of the iPod Touch with nearly half the price.  The Archos 3 Vision will be sold by as much as £90 (or $148).  Other models in the Vision line include the 2 Vision, which has a 1.8-inch display and 16GB storage space at £50 ($82); and the Archos Clipper, a smaller yet just as efficient version with 2GB storage and priced at £20 ($32).  Meanwhile, the 8GB 2 Vision is already available through Archos’ online store for only £40 ($65).

Image source:  Archos.com




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