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Chrysler Peapod Electric Car

Posted on April 22, 2009


Electric vehicles (EVs) used to reside only in our wild imagination. But we will be seeing them roaming the street soon. Chrysler is set to launch its PeaPod electric car in 2010. This compact, battery-powered electric vehicle will be available on the market as a 1-seater, a 2-seater, or a utility van. Prices will start from around $20,000.

Developed by Chrysler’s Green Eco Mobility (GEM), this electric car can travel about 40 miles on one charging. According to Peter Arnell, Chrysler’s innovation chief, this is just right for most daily commutes.

To save costs and lessen life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions, the company is planning to manufacture the PeaPod electric car in existing factories located as near to its key market areas as possible. Chrysler boss Bob Nardelli hinted that, depending on consumer reception, they could use similar technology in mainstream Chrysler vehicles in the near future.

The competition is keeping a close eye on how consumers will respond to the PeaPod electric car, especially considering its niche appeal as an unusual and affordable electric car for urban use. GEM has pedigree when it comes to EVs, claiming that 38,000 of its EVs are currently in use.

Image Source: Green Car




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