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Nintendo DSi Portable Game System

Posted on April 20, 2009

nintendo dsi

Nintendo has recently launched Nintendo DSi, the newest evolution in portable gaming. This portable video game system closely follows Nintendo’s new approach of making the consoles less about a certain game and more about the playing experience in general.

Other portable gaming consoles, like the Sony PSP, largely focus on video, high-resolution games, and flashy graphics. iPhone is also rapidly becoming an amazing gaming platform, many thanks to its accelerometer and cool touch features. Nintendo is aiming to make their new release an enjoyable part of your life without packing it up with gaudy features.

Still, the Nintendo DSi gets some major hardware improvements. It allows veteran and new gamers alike to customize and share all their experiences with family and friends. It has two built-in, interactive cameras that let you snap and edit photos. You can also play and manipulate recorded sounds in imaginative and interesting ways. Another huge improvement is the clearer screen. Now, you can also download games straight to the device.

The Nintendo DSi Shop was also launched. It is an online storefront where you can trade in Nintendo DSi Points to download a variety of innovative applications and games. Despite the bleak economic outlook, we can expect the Nintendo DSi to fly off the shelves. It’s available in the US in black or blue at a retail price of $169.99.

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