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Aqua Sounder Floating Wireless Pool Speaker

Posted on April 20, 2009

aqua sounder

No need to worry about electrocution when you drop your radio into the bathtub or pool anymore with this cool speaker – the Aqua Sounders Floating Wireless Speakers. This unique submersible waterproof speaker from Grace Digital Audio features wireless technology within a 150-foot range.

This waterproof speaker receives audio signals from a transmitter that comes with the set. Just plug it into your iPod, dvd player, cd player, MP3 player, TV, radio, or other audio sources with a 3.5mm jack – all these with high quality stereo sound. The transmitter is capable of supporting up to 10 additional speakers at one if you’re really into rocking out. It has a durable weather proofing feature that ensures years of pool time fun

The Aqua Sounders Floating Wireless Speakers sports 2 Ultra Bright LED Mood lights, perfect for having fun in the dark of the night. Finally, a pool speaker that does not look ugly and tacky. This speaker also features a battery (sold separately) that is good for up to 6 hours of nonstop music (depending on volume). This is perfect for those people who just love pool parties. The Aqua Sounders Floating Wireless Speakers retails for $149.99.

Image Source: Grace Digital Audio




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