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PogoPlug NAS Adapter

Posted on April 17, 2009

 pogoplug nas adapter

PogoPlug has just joined the NAS battle, posing stiff competition to Addonics USB NAS adapter. The PogoPlug NAS adapter is taking simplicity to the next level. This USB adapter turns any flash memory stick or hard drive into a NAS device. Correct me if I’m wrong. This adapter is the only one of its type in the market that works with USB hubs. This allows you to turn multiple hard drives into NAS storage devices. 

All you have to is to stick this device into the wall, and then connect it to an Ethernet cable. It makes us wonder why many small home networking appliances do not work like this. The PogoPlug NAS Adapter will certainly give you a "well, duh!" moment

What’s more, there is no need for you to set anything up with this device. You do not have to open up ports in your firewall. Instead, you interact with it my.pogoplug.com. It allows you to access your files remotely from any computer. You can also access your media from an iPhone. The PogoPlug NAS Adapter makes it easier for you to share your photos and videos with friends and family.

The system is expandable. Soon, you can connect your PogoPlug directly to online services for photo printing, off-site backup, file synchronization, and more. You can have this device for a reasonable price of $99.

Image Source: PogoPlug




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