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Nikon Touchcam Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam


The Nikon Touchcam Coolpix eXtreme Compact Digicam displays a polished exterior with its "sand-weathered-stone body shape" and continuous LCD on the back.


This eXtreme Compact digicam is designed to be dust proof, water proof and, (channeling gadget heat) everything-else proof, which means it’s the camera of choice for all-weather, all-terrain trips.

Deisgner Camillo Vanacore certainly knows how to combine form and function.

However, its imperviousness is Coolpix eXtreme’s only known feature. Why?

It’s because Coolpix eXtreme is still at the conceptual stage. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that manufacturers will take this design up and bring it to life.

Image source: Yanko Design




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