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Presto Hourglass Wristwatch

Posted on February 20, 2009

Presto hourglass watch

Designer Limar Yaron came up with a fairly unique concept for wristwatches.

The Presto watch is a little throwback to the past with its hourglass shape. And yet it somehow manages to look so new and modern. Perhaps this is due to the watch’s unusual shape. The hourglass has a rounded shape – sort of like an inverted number 8, the upper hole of the inverted 8 actually, well, a hole – and is set in polished silver tone bracelet.

The lower circle of the inverted 8 displays the hour, while the trickling sand indicates the minutes – half full equals 30 minutes.

Apart from the really cool design, it just actually just gives you a new way to read time. But you are sure to make a fashion statement with this old-is-new-again watch.

Image source: Tuvie.com 




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