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Kodak Z16

Posted on January 30, 2009

 Kodak Z16

Kodak’s Z16 is the greatest new release from Kodak.

The Z16 shoots 720p video at 60 frames per second and has an SD card slot that fit cards as large as 32GB. It has a sleek design and a simple interface that it sure to appeal to most users. The elegant finish, topped with the user-friendly interface is just the perfect match. The Kodak Z16 has a non-protruding lens and a 2.4-inch display that shows sharp images.

This high-end camcorder isn’t just for videos, it can also be used for still photos. It take great 3-megapixel still photos. However, be warned that the photos taken with the Z16 are not as good if the shots are not close-ups. Action shots are a semi-disaster for this camcorder.

Because of its lightweight feature, its unique design, and its smooth HD videos and Macro photos, we think the Kodak Z16 will be an instant hit. The price for this gadget is set at $179.

Image Source: Kodak.com




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