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Suunto X10 Wristop Computer

Posted on October 23, 2008

Suunto x10 wristop computer

Suunto has been known to manufacture unique, durable and not your usual type of wrist watches. A Wristop computer is the term used for such gadgets. Suunto continues to provide such gadgets, more recently with its new Suunto X10 wrist-wearable device.

To call the Suunto X10 just a wristwatch would be understating its other features. It is actually a wrist-worn GPS device, if that does not surprise you at all. This unique GPS device can provide its wearers with a stronger signal and quicker fix for safer navigation. And because it is worn on the wrist, you no longer have to worry about dropping or losing your GPS device and can better focus on the action.

Not only that, the Suunto X10 also functions as an altimeter, barometer and a digital compass. With a longer lasting battery and water resistant up to 100 meters, the Suunto X10 is quite unlike your ordinary wrist watch. Available at Amazon for $489.99.

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