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Wake Up with The Glo-Pillow

Posted on October 7, 2008


Embryo introduces The Glo-Pillow, one of Time magazine’s Best Innovations of 2007. Embryo is the design portfolio of industrial designer Ian Walton.

This unique pillow is designed as an alternative to your old alarm clock. It is created by Walton with his teammate Eoin McNally as a "response to a brief to create a product which helps to combat the pressures of a ‘24 hour’ lifestyle."

How the Glo-Pillow works

The Glo-Pillow makes use of an LED fabric substrate just beneath the surface. This creates light which wakes up the user of the pillow.

Glo-Pillow works by glowing about 40 minutes before the preset alarm, gently rousing the user from sleep. It’s healthier than being awakened by your alarm clock because it kind of imitates nature’s waking process. It helps set your body clock, thus resulting in healthier sleeping/waking patterns.

Other functions

Glo-Pillow also functions as a display. It allows you to check the time on the pillow’s surface by using the grid of the LEDs underneath.

Image source: embryo.ie




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