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CPR Flashlight

Posted on September 17, 2008

CPR flashlight provides step-by-step instructions on how to give CPR when you most need it.  Especially for those who have not receive proper training.

How it works?

To use the flashlight, just press the green button. To get the CPR instructions press the ON/OFF button. You will be asked to choose the age of the patient. There are three buttons: A for adult, B for baby, C for child. After you’ve chosen the appropriate button, you will be prompted to call 911.

You will then be asked to check the patient’s vital signs, e.g. consciousness, breathing, pulse. After that, you will be prompted to press the CPR (red) button to start the CPR instructions. You can also use the PAUSE (yellow) button to stop the stream in case the instructions are too fast for you.

The speaker is located at the bottom of the flashlight.

This gadget is really quite handy. Just remember to keep your head during emergency situations.

The CPR flashlight is priced at $ 35.98

Image source: http://www.geekiegadgets.com/2008/cpr-flashlight/




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