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Philips Flat TV 9600 Series

Posted on September 8, 2008

Philips Flat TV 9600 Series

Philips has introduced its Flat TV 9600 Series of HDTV’s. The technology that the company has built in this new line of high quality HDTV’s would surely be worth its salt. The Philips Flat TV 9600 Series can be availed in 32, 42 or 47-inch models.

The Philips Flat TV 9600 Series features the Ambilight Spectra 2 which can enhance one’s viewing experience. The Power LED technology used helps avoid creating glare up front. A separate drive for the LED’s helps fuse a multitude of light segments of images into a seemingly one soft surround of light. This results is a sharper and more improved on screen display that provides a dramatic expansion of the images in the room.

The Philips Flat TV 9600 Series of HDTV’s also support full 1080p HDTV signal. This offers picture quality far beyond the usual HDTV. The 9600 series also features the Perfect Pixel HD engine that provides improved sharpness and clarity to pictures, giving it a closer and even better resolution to its natural detail in terms of color vividness as well as in its smooth natural motion.

Philips Flat TV 9600 Series also provides easy connectivity with online gadgets through its DLNA PC Network link. This connectivity allows users to have access to different media content from the PC or Home Network and have it displayed on the Philips FlatTV




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