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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Released

Posted on September 4, 2008

dell inspiron mini 9

Dell joins the netbook market today with the release of their own UMPC the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.  As usual it’s small and cheap.

The Mini 9, like other ultra mobile PC’s is compact, sporting a 8.9 inch 1024×600 LED display, a solid state disk drive (SSD) and the usual LAN and WiFi capabilities.  Webcam come optional and the whole thing weighs in at 2.2 pounds.  The financial damage will be $399 for a Windows XP enabled Mini 9 and  $349 for the Ubuntu version.

Dell and Microsoft agreed for another three years to ship out Windows XP enabled machines.  this will be the last roll out of Windows XP OS as Microsoft has discontinued the its production.

Anyway, the Mini 9 will also be available for $99 only from Sept 5 -9 when purchased with another Dell PC or laptop.  The Mini 9 is optimized for that “30-minute connection” experience – blogging, surfing, e-mailing, chatting, viewing photos, videos and music.

Given the limitations of the UMPC, Dell has partenered with Box.net to provide 2GB of free online storage for Mini 9 users and 25GB for a fee. 




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