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The Twist Camera

Posted on April 11, 2008

twist camera

The Twist Camera is a new concept for portable digital cameras that also fall in the eco-friendly, green gadget line. This tiny digital camera doesn’t require batteries. Instead it makes use of a winding mechanism for powering up and taking photos. This self-powered gadget wonder is capable of taking several photos per cycle of the mechanism. The Twist Camera is the brainchild of two Product Design students from Australia, in their hopes of cutting back electronics and battery usage.

The Twist Camera has very minimal design features. A simple hole in the body acts as the camera’s view finder for the user to look through when shooting images. A knob is attached at the opposite end for winding up and a single button is conveniently placed in the middle for easy photo snapping. A USB plug for photo viewing and transfer is hidden under the winding cap. The Twist Camera also comes with a multicolor LED indicator for user interface.

This unique device is said to support upto 5 megapixels of image resolution. With its stripped-down, basic features and simplified photo functions, it is easy to understand how the energy requirement for this camera is radically cut down. The Twist Camera is really intended as a recreational camera. As it is yet to hit the merchandising line, the Twist Camera remains a very cool concept, combining the latest technology with energy saving ways.




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