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Fashionation Eco-Speakers

Posted on April 11, 2008

fashionation eco-speakers

The Fashionation Eco-Speakers are unique and environmentally friendly. The 3.25" cube speakers are made primarily of post-consumer recycled material. Additionally, it is lightweight and come in several patterns and colors including the inevitable pink (shown), purple, blue, aqua, red, and (of course) green.

It can be folded flat for ease of carriage. It does not need batteries because it uses some of the power from the player plugged into it. The only tradeoff noticeable with the Eco-Speakers is that it has no amplifier, thus sound quality is compromised.

Being universally compatible, the speakers can be used anywhere. Best of all, it helps save the environment. The Fashionation Eco-Speakers may not compliment your home entertainment system but it holds its own weight.

Fashionation’s list price is $14.95, but a search will cut that down substantially.




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