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Roadwired Podzilla Camera Bag

Posted on December 17, 2007

Roadwired Podzilla Camera Bag

For those who are looking to get a bag which is in between that of the professional gear price range, you’re going to be relieved to know that a new innovative bag has come out.

The RoadWired Pod Bag is a newly-released bag for the hobbyist photographer who needs to have a sturdy and good-looking bag.

This bag is especially geared towards men because the design is quite simple and comes not just in the typical black shade which normal camera bags come in.

The most stunning color is the red-black model which will most definitely match any Swiss Army luggage.

It’s made of denier ballistic nylon, is well-padded and is made out of quality materials as a third of the main compartment contains soft, loopy Velcro for added padding.

This is definitely a must for any photographer who wants to veer away from the traditional camera bags.




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